Weight Loss Hypnosis

January 2016


It’s a new year and therefore most people have set at least one resolution they hope to accomplish. I love the idea of setting a resolution, though I’d rather see more people start them earlier versus waiting for the new year to start. But regardless, a new fresh year, is a new opportunity for change, (as is every single new day, new hour, and new minute!). In the USA, weight loss is the number one resolution and let’s face it, it’s fairly easy to see why. Obesity rates keep climbing, activity levels keep falling, and poor nutrition continues to remain the easier, cheaper option. So it’s easy to see why people are gaining weight and often not having much luck at losing it. To go even further, just before the new year kicks in, we have a long list of holiday engagements to go to, at least most of us lucky enough to have them. They almost always involve factors that make us gain weight, even during the short period that is November through December. Alcohol, Food, and Inactivity. I won’t go into the health factors of quality, real foods, versus poor nutrition sources; I’ll let you do that, and chances are, deep down, you and most others have enough knowledge to understand that artificial, high calorie junk food isn’t exactly doing your body any good. So let’s cut to the chase and talk about using hypnosis to help a person get on track.

The first thing to know is that we have wonderful studies to help us understand the effectiveness of using hypnosis for weight loss purposes. Remember, it doesn’t cause weight loss, it helps you change your internal programming so that you think differently, act differently, feel differently, and even experience differently. If you were able to say to yourself, “Ya know, one more cookie would be really yummy and satisfying, but I’m just gonna pass on it. My goal for getting in shape is more worthwhile and feels better in the long run anyway, ‘no thanks,’ I’ll say to the host.” If something like that, that internal dialogue could become a part of who you are, would it help you with your goals? With hypnosis, we can attack the issue in various ways, and compound it all into one cohesive system. Let’s say that with hypnosis sessions, you’re able to:  1. think about food differently, as in realize it’s a life force, not a constant treat, 2. act differently, as in have more enthusiasm about making a better choice, both about exercise and eating, 3. feel differently, as in change how you feel about yourself, improve self esteem, and lend clarity to your emotions, and 4. experience differently, as in enjoying food in new ways, changing your relationship to quality foods, feeling pride in making foods, and encouraging yourself to try new, healthier options. Those are just the basics of what hypnosis can do in relation to weight loss.

Let’s talk a little about what to expect. You’ve read the basics on how it can help and you may have done some research to get an idea of how it specifically has helped people, even celebrities, get in shape. The first thing to know, is the sessions are relaxing and energizing. Most clientele mention how they feel a spark of energy inside them after. After a few sessions, when clients return for more, they tend to smile and carry themselves in a new, prideful way. With weight loss hypnosis, it does take more time, and yes, that’s probably the one thing you didn’t want to hear. But there’s good news. It’s still quite fast in comparison to other methods. Most people who finally turn to hypnosis, have tried everything. They tend to fall back into old habits, or just give up completely. Most people will begin feeling differently about themselves and the process of improving their health after the first session. It’s important to keep hammering in the ideas and goals, and little by little changing that internal programming. Remember, you didn’t gain the weight overnight, so this process does take time, but so far, the people I’ve helped get results faster than just about anything else they’ve tried. I always think it’s a great idea as well, to combine hypnosis with a program. Maybe you’re part of a weight loss program, maybe you have ideas to create one, something that’ll help you list goals and routines. It’s just another piece of the puzzle. Hypnosis will help make that easier for nearly everyone. I also don’t want anyone to think they have to do sessions for a really long time. It’s your choice how many you do and for how long. It’s a good idea to do at least three in a row, one per week, then we can spread them out if you feel you’re on track or if that fits your life better, but it’s not up to me. But that’s all stuff we’ll discuss in the first meeting and kind of get a game plan set up for you.

So there ya have it! It’s a basic conversation yes, but it lays out the information to help you get an idea of why and how hypnosis can help. I love discussing this, so please call me:  713-373-6776 or email me:  travisgipson@gmail.com if you have questions or feedback. I would love to be part of the solution for you! ReposeHypnosis.com