The Final Word!

February 2016   The Final Word! So I felt the need to write a post on hypnosis for those who may not believe in it, as well as the many people I talk to who tell me that they DO indeed believe in it.

For starters, it’s not really a theory as to its existence. How it works isn’t fully understood, but hypnosis is more or less a fact, not a theory. So essentially to not believe in hypnosis would be to deny something that factually exists. Bottom line though is that hypnosis is a natural state that generally all of us experience on a daily basis. While the word’s roots mean sleep, the term hypnosis essentially means a state in which our mind becomes very focused and hyper-aware, typically alongside relaxation. But let’s discuss times we experience hypnosis. Let’s start at the beginning of our day, when we first wake up. Such as that heavy, nagging sleepy feeling, where we aren’t fully awake, is example one. Example two:  You’re watching tv, it’s late at night and you start to feel sleepy and heavily relaxed. Example three:  You’re daydreaming and really into what you’re imagining. Example four:  You’re driving. You become so focused on the road you find yourself in a light state of hypnosis, called highway hypnosis. So now that we have some examples, it’s easy to see how hypnosis plays a huge role in our daily life. You can also perhaps now understand why people become so relaxed in a session at the office. There is nothing nicer than that heavy, relaxed feeling you get when you wake up and get to hit the snooze button on your alarm. So the final word is, YES it exists, and YES it’s a natural, normal state. So forget all the kooky stuff in the movies. At this time we can show brain activity changes when in the state of hypnosis and we have well over a hundred years of studies and anecdotal evidence to back it up. It’s quickly becoming a very popular topic to study and research is often geared toward fully understanding exactly how it works. So one day soon we may very well know why and how it all works. While it’s not necessary to fully understand the mechanism, since we know it works for most, it is very fascinating.

Here’s a nice article on this discussion I just found:

Does it work? YES, it works. But here’s the caveat; it doesn’t work for everyone. It works for most. It’s important to be honest about this. Just like any healing modality, it’ll typically work for most, but some it simply doesn’t. Often I find that when it doesn’t get the results people are looking for it’s more a matter of how ready they truly are to make changes in their life, and that’s perfectly understandable. Targeting the exact time a person is ready to change isn’t always easy, but I believe hypnosis is the best bang for the buck when someone truly is. A great example would be someone who wants to lose weight. They come in for some sessions, but they don’t take it serious and they don’t adapt their life based on their new goals outside of the office. Deep down, they aren’t quite ready to change just yet, but they probably will be sometime in the future. You see, hypnosis can’t make you into something. It helps you transform yourself, that is if you truly want it and are ready. It helps open up the communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious. When hypnosis works, it’s almost magical.

So let’s try to stop saying we believe in it. It’s Real! It exists! And it Works! So try not to look at it as some mystical, magical thing. It’s you connecting to yourself and changing from the inside out with your hypnotist as your guide and mentor. There are more than enough studies out there from top universities to tell us this state of mind exists. So instead of feeling doubt, do some research and contact me for a chat. It might not be right for you, but it is for many. Thanks for reading! Please share this with anyone who it might help.