Vicky W.

Emailed testimonial. Results vary from person to person.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! All these years I’ve been on a weight loss roller coaster, yet this got me to stay on the path and achieve what I wanted. Gotta give credit to you for keeping me in line and dishing out honesty about my situation when I really didn’t want to hear it; you’re very insightful. Please post this review so others can see it. If I had some advice to others who were in my shoes I’d suggest you first off open your mind up to the fact that you can change if you put your mind to it. Second, if you’ve tried things in the past, see if hypnosis can help you get inspired and on track. Working with Travis is a brutally honest yet revealing experience that forces you to find out who you are and decide on a path forward to change into who you desire to be. Put your guard down and don’t let fear keep you from trying something new. Thanks again for the help!” 

-Vicky W.  Lenexa, KS  (April 2016)