Mable R.

Emailed testimonial. Results vary from person to person.

“Well, it’s been a few weeks now since I finished up my package. I am writing to help others make an informed decision, as I myself read a few reviews for Travis before I made the decision to try this. First off, if you’re thinking about trying hypnosis for an issue, make sure you really want to change. I can fully understand now that if a person wasn’t truly ready or willing to change, that this might not do much for them. The other thing is, don’t go in expecting something you saw in a movie. A part of me was expecting something like that, but it simply isn’t like any of that stuff. Here’s what I experienced:  Travis is very intuitive and skilled at reading into people, at least myself. He pinpointed deeper roots of my issue than I went in there thinking about, but after our conversation it was obvious. I found myself feeling very open and comfortable with him and in his office. I went in with a little bit of anxiety and fear, but quickly felt at ease. I am guessing that’s typical. After our talk we started the hypnosis. This was extremely enjoyable. I truly don’t think I’ve ever felt that level of relaxation before in my life. In a way it was like being on a little journey. After that first session, we had a little chat about the future and I quickly jumped on doing four sessions. Anyhow, to kinda skip along here, it’s now a few weeks after my fourth session and I feel like I am continuing to get better. Just know this is a process and it really seems to build over time. I am choosing not to say what all I worked on with him, as it was very personal, but in that office I felt like I could voice my feelings and concerns. My ultimate advice is this:  Try hypnosis if you’ve been considering it and please be sure to at least speak with Travis Gipson as you shop around. I think everyone should try and find the person they are comfortable with and I am sure glad I went to see him. As a woman I usually prefer to work with another woman on issues like these, but the fact is I felt right at home in his office working one on one. Thanks for the help and the guidance! It’s nice to really know myself again and to realize I’m worth it! 2017 is looking really great!”

-Mable R.      Leawood, KS   (January 2017)