Repose Hypnosis Pricing Guide

When selecting number of sessions, you are always in control. I believe in a no-pressure system and will gladly assist you when it comes to figuring out how many sessions are most likely best suited for your situation. You ultimately choose what you feel is best. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss what a program for you might look like based on your unique needs. I also feel that being efficient and getting the most done in the least amount of time for a client is ideal. The amount that allows a person to get the results they seek is what’s important. Considering the speed at which hypnosis typically helps someone, the cost thereby becomes much less than other routes. Cash or check preferred, but we take cards as well. As with all things, results vary from person to person. 

Most people need at least three sessions, with the average being four to six. Not sure how many you’ll need? No problem. Many people come in for a session and then decide to choose a package or schedule more. Single sessions are sometimes appropriate especially for maintenance. Some clients prefer to schedule future sessions when they feel they need it, however when starting out I typically recommend going with a package since most issues will take at least a few sessions to get things set in place. Consider the Discount Package below to save more. Tobacco cessation has to be the smoking package below.

Single Sessions:  80  First sessions can last up to 1.5 hours. Follow up sessions are usually no more than one hour.

Discount Package:  4 sessions:  280  Equals 70 per session. This is what the majority of clientele typically sign up for. (A very simple financial assistance program is available at no cost)

Ultimate Weight Loss Package:  750  Ten sessions. IF you complete all ten sessions as scheduled you get 100 refunded!

Ultimate Stop Smoking Package:  220  Three sessions within three weeks and one refresh session that can be used up to a year, if needed. Multi-person discount: 10 off per person.

In-Home Sessions:  Add 10 to each session. For the disabled or anyone unable to leave their home. (Covers travel expenses)

Discounts:  Ages 65 and up:  10 off single sessions. 10 off the discount package. 10 off the smoking and weight loss packages.