Number of Sessions for Success-A Brief Discussion on Styles and Numbers.

April 2016

So, a discussion about number of sessions a client might need to see success. I wanted to write a little something on this so we can clear the air. All too often we tend to look at things based on speed to completion, versus focusing on natural progression to completion. It’s almost splitting hairs really, but what I mean by that is the fact that people seeking help from hypnosis or any type of therapy really, often ask, “How long will this take?” or “How many sessions will I need?” Versus saying to themselves, “I will know when the time is right as to whether I’ve changed enough to end this process or not.” Americans are speed lovers and I’m no different in most respects. I like being super efficient. But changing internally isn’t a game of speed. With hypnosis, change often happens rapidly, which is great, but I want to drive the point home about not focusing so much on how fast it goes. Focus your attention on how you feel alongside with how your goals are being met. If you come in for sessions, and indeed it’s something that clicks for you, then all you have to do is focus on how you’re doing to judge when it’s time to step away. The good thing about hypnosis is more is always a positive, in nearly all cases. So it’s not like you’re gonna overdo it, you’re just going to build further upon your new foundation. So now let’s talk about styles real quickly.

Basically, with hypnosis and traditional counseling, the best plan of action is to start with successive sessions. So for example, you might have someone come in for three sessions, at one per week. Then after that, based on how the client is feeling about things, it might make sense to spread out the sessions at that point. We want to strive to really hammer in those changes, with less time in between the working sessions, as a start. So it’s a matter of intensity, and then later a person is better able to have space in between. Then even further out, a person may choose to do maintenance like sessions. You often have two types of clients:

Type A:  This group seeks to get quick change efficiently then typically ends the process. This group often will schedule packages.

Type B:  This group schedules on an as needed basis. When they feel like they need to work on something, they come in. So they might go for a few weeks, then decide they want to work on more.

So all in all, it doesn’t matter what group you fall into. I just think it’s important to point out that it’s not always people who just want to come in and get going, it’s also long term clients who seek to use this process over time, as they feel the need. So whatever style you’re thinking might fit, it’s CORRECT!

Thanks for reading! Please pass this along to anyone you feel might benefit from it!