Kansas City De-Stress Guide -Part 2

January 2016

So the last entry I did on De-Stressing in KC was mostly about the parks in KC. But it’s Winter! And it’s COLD! I mentioned in the last post that I don’t really get the same level of satisfaction emotionally when it’s cold out at parks. When it’s warm, I’m at one nearly every day. So what in the world can we do in KC when it’s cold, icy, or snowing?

If you live in Kansas City you’re used to frigid temps and inclement weather. As I write this now the streets are still showing signs of snow and ice, but I have to say it’s kinda cozy. By about the middle of February I’ve had my fill of the cold temps. But that’s Midwest living for ya and I’m okay with the distinct four seasons we get. I personally can’t wait for spring to start mainly so I can do what I love and that’s get out and exercise outside and enjoy nature. So what can we do?

For starters, and since it’s the least fun idea, I’ll mention it now and get it over with! I don’t use a gym, not a gym type of guy, but I do lift weights and exercise at home. So I replace my outdoor exercise with indoor ones, which thankfully I don’t have to do most of the year. Spring to fall is perfectly fine for getting outdoors here. I see remaining physical part of my emotional well being. It’s an important addition and without it I personally notice how different I feel about myself and my life. Just exercises alone helps keep me on track. I don’t always want to do it, but I’m glad when I do. So keeping active like that is a must if you’re able to. So now that that’s outta the way, let’s move on to more fun ideas.

De-stressing isn’t just about finding relaxing spots, meditating, or finding nature. In KC we are blessed to have some great options for places to go when the weather isn’t cooperating. Here are my top choices for keeping our sanity in the winter time. Being social. Okay, this one is fairly broad, and it contains most of the things we can do. But if you’re able to, and are lucky enough to have friends and family near you, utilize that. Add in a night out of fun with some friends. Go to dinner and try a new place or an old favorite. Join people at home for games. In the winter, we want to keep our social life, but adapt it. Moving activities indoors is plenty of fun and sometimes even lends a cozy appeal to it. This time of year we at least have various holiday engagements that allow most of us time with family and friends, so some things are built in. But after New Year’s Day, we have to get more creative. I love to host dinners at my home for example. And remember that something like that also benefits the people you invite. A home made meal, made with pride for the enjoyment of others bestows a feeling of appreciation to others; and it’s fun to share!  Back to going out for dinner. KC is such a food city, especially these days. It’s impressively full of wonderful places, and lucky for us, these places tend to be full of that positive energy from the crowds. What’s better for the soul than engaging conversation, food, and smiles? Not much! As a side note, conversation with others is great for releasing stress alone. Having someone to express feelings and concerns with is enjoyable, but also good for us. So what else? How about our fabulous museums? Shopping? I’ll let you come up with more options, but you get the idea right? Be around others, enjoy the company of positive people, get outta the house more, experience new things, revisit old things you love, stay active, and if you can, make new friends and establish even more possible experiences for your future. Begin to appreciate and value the ultimate human experience, which is getting to know and connect with others! It’s a new year, give it a try!

Thanks for reading this blog by Repose Hypnosis here in Kansas City. If you know someone in need of some ideas that make sense for them personally, please share this with them!