Hypnosis for Smoking and Tobacco Cessation

December 2013


Have you ever heard of using hypnosis to help a person stop smoking? You probably have. It may very well be the most well-known issue people think of in connection to the word hypnosis.

A little science:  Essentially, we know this about Hypnosis and how it can help someone stop smoking. The state of hypnosis, which is natural and a daily event for everyone, is a state in which the subconscious takes over and absorbs, like a sponge, the sounds and surroundings at the time. Let’s just for moment study the use of commercials on television. Millions of dollars goes into research about how to make all ads more effective and hypnosis is the primary focus. Experts are well aware that people go into a light state of hypnosis when watching tv. We are heavily focused when watching tv, so much so that we often don’t notice other things going on, like someone calling our name. That is indeed hypnosis. We’re glued in and hyper aware. An even more interesting thing to look at is late night infomercials. Why would a company put super long ads around midnight all the way up till late morning?  Well, we know why. It’s because we’re sleepy and really in an even deeper state of hypnosis at times like that. Watch an infomercial and expect to hear a repetition of words and phrases. That repetition has powerful effects upon our subconscious when in hypnosis.

Essentially, we have four brainwave states. Beta-awake, Alpha-light hypnosis,Theta-deep hypnosis, Gamma-asleep. There is more detail to this, but the basics are all we need to understand. We want to get the brain into Alpha or Theta states. Either one will work well for the vast majority of issues. How far a person goes, whether light or deep, isn’t of much concern and each person will uniquely fall into the ranges naturally. Those two states turns our brain “into a sponge” ready to absorb input.

Now, onto the topic you came here to read! 🙂 How hypnosis can help with smoking, addictions, etc. People who smoke have changed their brain, in essence, with that chemical stimulus called nicotine. A very powerful stimulant at that, and considered one of the most difficult addictive substances to quit. I like to have clients bring in their last batch of cigarettes leaving their home, car, etc, without any tobacco around, when able. I instruct them to throw them away in my office and sometimes that is actually traumatic to do. Nevertheless, it’s an important step and an additional force of change as part of the whole process. After that, we have a chat about various things and I create a unique session based off of that information. Next, we do the actual hypnosis part of the session. While in hypnosis, we do visualization-when applicable, and do multiple inputs of positive changes, with lots of repetition.

It’s so highly effective that very few people go back to tobacco. I tell everyone, however, that most people will have cravings, and around 20% will be as if they never touched the stuff to begin with. Will you be one of the lucky ones? Who knows! Either way, the success rate is high. Around 80-85% quit when using my stop smoking package. The first session we have helps create the mindset, improve confidence, and reduce the cravings some. It’s not so much that most people don’t have temptations or cravings, it’s that they feel empowered more than ever to take another route and give up the substance, especially when they realize that after the first few days, it’s all downhill. We later have a second session. This session is to solidify the changes made in the first session. This will help people create permanence. A third session is part of this package as well. And finally a fourth session as a standby can be used up to one year.

So what about the other methods? Gums, patches, pills, cold turkey?  Do they work for some people, sure. Do they work for most? No. Well, why not? People aren’t changing their internal process, or the way their mind/brain works. They are just putting a bandage over a wound that needs an antiseptic to work from the inside out. Hypnosis, based on the many major university studies, accomplishes this without all that other stuff. It’s YOU making the changes to be a better, healthier person. Most people I see have done All of that stuff. They’ve tried everything. Make it easier on yourself and give hypnosis a shot. Let it work from the inside out if you’re looking for permanence.

How much money are you spending over a year on this stuff? Let’s do some basic math. Let’s say a pack is $3.00. And good luck finding them that cheap these days. Let’s say you only smoke a half pack a day. That equals $1.50 a day, $10.50 a week, $42.00 a month, and finally $547.50 a year. That is doubled, if you smoke one full pack a day. That’s $1,095.00 per year. I don’t know about you, but I could do a lot of good with that extra money.

Other reasons to consider quitting:  health, family, hassle, smell, future health expenses, yellow tinting, and much more! Visit ReposeHypnosis.com

I hope you enjoyed this post. Now is a perfect time to consider quitting. Thanks for reading!