Are YOU really ready to change? Hmmm…

February 2016


So are you? Are you really ready to change? Most people are quick to say “Yes!”

This blog post is a conversation about making real changes and the examination thereof. It’s vitally important to know the answer to this question before jumping into hypnosis or any treatment style out there. When we’re talking about changing our internal programming, or changing from the inside out, you have to realize that not being fully ready will equate to a waste of your time and resources; aka money. As a professional hypnotist, I really try to make the case for a new client to have a solid understanding of this. It doesn’t really help me or the client to go through sessions to achieve a goal, if the client isn’t really at a point where they are fully engaged to change appropriately and open to the process.

So I’ll talk about quitting smoking as a main example. BUT this discussion applies to any and all issues regarding making changes. From deciding to get healthy to working on how you approach stress, you have to be ready and open to change.

So let’s discuss a smoking cessation client. If you ask yourself, “Will this be effective if I truly have no desire to quit?”  The answer is probably no, and that goes for just about anything you do. You might have lots of people in your life begging you to quit, and those are certainly great extra reasons to quit, but they are basically extraneous. So you have forces that are outside of yourself pushing you to change:  family, friends, the world, health practitioners, etc. These are terrific to have, and just about everyone I see for smoking mentions these things. But will they be enough for you to fully change, if deep down you have no real inner desire to stop? It’s a big maybe for sure. Let’s say your spouse is bugging you almost daily now about stopping. Always mentioning how the house and car smells, to how much money is being wasted on tobacco. So you find yourself giving in and deciding to try and quit for that reason alone, not really being fully invested in stopping. I’ll admit, some people who come in to stop who aren’t invested, do indeed end up stopping, but they sure are setting themselves up for disappointment, and that doesn’t help me out in the least cause I’m out to get top level results. So I do try and filter out those who probably aren’t truly ready to change. Honestly, it’s okay to admit you’re not ready. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money. I just want to see results and so do clients. If you come in not being very invested, you may be disappointed. It’s the same if you’re working with your physician or a psychotherapist. Whatever it is you’re doing, you have to at least be somewhat invested to achieve your goal. With smokers, often I hear that they actually enjoy smoking, find it relaxing, and so on. BUT most of these people still quit! WHY?  Because even though they enjoy it, they have finally come to the conclusion that it’s poisoning them and causing nothing but problems. So they have decided to invest in the process, even though it’s something they like doing. Same goes for people in to lose weight and get healthy. Yeah, most of us enjoy a large bowl of ice cream, (I put it up as one of my top favorite things to indulge in on Earth), BUT if you’re trying to get healthy, over eating bowls of it aren’t exactly gonna help you achieve your goal. Make sense? It’s something we enjoy, but we know it’s not good for us to over indulge on. Food addiction is real, and it’s similar to any other addictive substance, so in some ways it’s the exact same problem. But of course in some cases we can say that the rare treat is acceptable, whereas with tobacco it’s not. But you get the point.

I’m a very efficiency based type of person. I am seeking to help others achieve top level results, so it behooves me to put the word out about this. It’s always surprising how humans are often more comfortable staying in the “safe zone” of familiarity, or sticking with what they know even though it’s problematic, versus taking the challenge of seeking answers and battling for internal change. Sometimes it just SEEMS easier to stick with the old and give up. But deep down this doesn’t help us live better lives and that’s the ultimate goal. I capitalized SEEMS, as staying in the old patterns as a whole are not easier in comparison to making the choice to actually change our life.

Sometimes what happens is people come in for sessions, not fully ready, but still on the fence. Soon though they begin to find themselves more and more in tune toward the goals at hand, maybe even feeling confident and enthusiastic. So many times hypnosis can help us get over that “fence” and begin the journey. Break a plateau.

So how can you come to the conclusion you’re finally ready to change for the better? It might be as simple as just asking yourself the question, “Am I really ready to __________?” What pops up in your mind? Maybe you could review your history and your current state of being. Review all the reasons you want to change. Does it make sense? Do you feel good about your life currently? By what percent would you say you are happy? What things would you change, if you could? Have you tried other ways to change in the past? If so, why didn’t things work out?

Back to the smoking cessation client:  Why do you want to quit? What are all the reasons, small and large? Do you feel like you could fully invest your mind and physical self when it comes to battling something like that? Is now the right time for you?

Let me just finish with this:  Being ready to change and invest yourself in creating a better life for yourself and others around you is quite a feeling. Hypnosis can’t MAKE you into something. Don’t ever let some radio ad traveling hypnotist or even local hypnotist con you into thinking it can Make you into something. YOU make yourself into whatever it is that YOU choose. Hypnosis makes this easier and faster. It can help you become more focused and willing to accept a new beginning. Are you wanting a better life? Start by having a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself questions and learn from yourself about who you are as a person currently. What would it feel like to _________________? You can fill in the blank yourself! I personally think the best phrase to place there is “Be Free.” What would it feel like to be free?  Hmmm…

Thanks for reading! When you love helping others succeed sometimes a dose of reality is in order. This article isn’t about telling you what you are or aren’t. It’s about you making that decision. That’s not my decision. I’m just here ready to guide and assist anyone truly willing to give it their best shot and open their minds to the idea of being a better person with a better life. Whether you try hypnosis or any other type of healing modality, give these ideas some thought. Please share this with anyone whom it may help.