A De-Stress Guide for Kansas City Locals. Part 1

January 2016

I’ve been meaning to write a guide for the local community here for Idk how long, so today’s the day. Ya know as hypnotists, we have to do more than just hypnotize people and assist them during sessions. That may be the bulk of the work, but adding in a sprinkle of advice, for various issues, is paramount. I say it all the time, but hypnosis to me helps connect a web of ideas and implementations that work together to help make life better. Think of it this way: Add the components of change for a typical client I see together:  A. hypnosis sessions, + B. setting goals, + C. creative ideas to use when not in the office, to just name a few. An example:  Person A. comes in to lose in weight. She’s had a hard time staying on track and often feels emotionally void. Well let’s look at the bigger picture, the “web.” She finds herself not being social very much anymore because she’s lacking confidence due to appearance and an overall low self worth. She isn’t very active anymore and feels like there isn’t much she can do to make improvements; she isn’t motivated. Some of her past is affecting her present and thus her future since she continues to focus on it. So let’s break down how the web would work for her. Let’s say for her personally, she feels that doing the sessions help her, but she needs more. I often recommend many external ideas to add to the mix. I might recommend she write down a simple program to use, something that incrementally increases with time. Maybe we work up to trying to be more social, more active, more community focused, and so on. The main point I want to make is the fact that you want to utilize your hypnotist for more than just the sessions. Coaching can greatly increase your rate of change.

Now on to the title of this blog:  A Local De-Stress Guide.  I’m a huge Kansas City fanatic and I have been for a really long time. The city is an absolute treasure as far as I’m concerned. Yeah, not everyone is crazy about it, but I commonly hear people talk about how wonderful this place is and how underrated it sometimes is by people who simply don’t live here. And maybe that’s a good thing. We kinda have a secret little gem here that appears to be getting more and more polished. Most people will tell ya, it’s one of the more friendly cities out there. Overall, it’s a very happy place. Some places you go just feel drab and lacking spirit. But not here!  So let’s say you’re trying to better your life and find some things to do here in KC to boost those “good feelings.” Chances are you already know a few ideas, but here’s what I love to do. For starters, If I’m feeling down, and we all do, I will often go to one of our great parks. Here’s why: it’s clear it’s good for us, that we know, but why?  A few reasons:  1. That friendly, joyful energy is present more so in our KC parks than just about anywhere. 2. You’re out of the house, fresh air, getting exercise and being around others. Don’t underestimate how powerful it is to surround yourself with other joyful people. It’s funny, but there are parks I rank as the Happiest. All good choices, but I just get a different feeling with each place. (Yes, some of these are in the KC area, not all in KC proper.) The happiest feeling park, coincidentally, for me, is Happy Rock Park. Now this in Gladstone, in a very nice, family oriented area. No gloomy stuff going on here. It has a great path to walk around the perimeter, but there’s also the fact that it’s connected to the Maple Woods Nature Sanctuary, which is simply a beautiful and long walking path through what seems like a secluded forest. You’re in the city area, but you won’t hardly know it. Next is Macken Park, located in North Kansas City. Again, very friendly and almost always very active. Lots of stuff going on with local sports. I personally like to utilize the school track as well as the walkway that goes around the park itself. You might be surprised to see just how active it gets during the warmer months. The next two places are both in Parkville and one is nearly hidden if you don’t know it’s there. First be sure and check out the Riverfront Park. A lovely walking trail, with plenty of length that on one side is next to the river bank. It’s also connected to the English Landing area, which is where boats can be put in the water. It’s a newer addition and really great for biking on, not to mention is has about the nicest dog park I can think of in KC. The other gem is the Parkville Nature Sanctuary. It’s pretty unbelievable how amazing this place is. Tucked in the woods near Park University, right next to the track, is a series of gravel trails full of exploring worthy areas. Add in these features:  multiple trails, nearly untouched nature, a small stream, and a wonderful set of waterfalls, just to name a few worthy things. One thing to remember is that dogs aren’t allowed, so as to not disturb wildlife, not my rules, but I almost always see deer or turkeys just hanging out there and rather used to us humans visiting. It’s hard to feel down on a sunny day here!  A few more places:  I also love to go to the Berkley Riverfront Park in KC. This is the park you see from the highways. It’s down on the river stretching from the casino all the way to a wonderful overlook that ends at the River Market area. I’m a fan of river towns and sometimes KC doesn’t really feel like one. But down at this place it sure does. What parks discussion would be complete if I didn’t mention Loose Park. I don’t find this to be the most relaxing and uplifting, but it’s certainly the most luxurious in feel. It’s a real treat to visit here. A wonderful series of grand sections and green spaces. It is however the best park of all for picnics and naps in the sun on the green expanses. The last place I’ll mention is a little drive if you live in KC proper like I do, but when I’m in the area I make a point to stop by. Shawnee Mission Park in Kansas is one of the largest parks in the area, aside from Swope Park. It’s a pristine park full of areas to check out. From short walks to long hikes. It also contains a sparkling lake to check out. Considering I’m a big KC fan, I’ve been to the vast majority of the area’s major parks, but these are all my regular spots when the weather is nice. I take advantage daily if I’m able.

I know for me, getting out of the house, being around people, being in the presence of people with a positive mood, and exercising while often enjoying music as well, is my top de-stress option. KC does not lack ways to help you stay on track of your moods if you’re able to utilize them. I personally like to go by myself and get a little “Me” time at these places, but I often take a friend or family member too. One of the worst things we do, especially in this advanced time of technology, is fail to “stop and smell the roses.” Being physically and socially active is an imperative part of emotional success. Now I also want to point out, being in the middle of Winter here in KC, that getting out to a park now isn’t much fun for me. Some still brave the cold and ice, but I don’t get the same enjoyment out of it. So the next part of this series will be on how to de-stress in KC in the winter!  Thanks for reading this Repose Hypnosis Blog. Please share with someone who might benefit from ideas if it makes sense for them personally.