A Casual Chat

February 2018

It’s been far too long since I wrote a blog post. In fact it nearly feels unfamiliar to me lol. But regardless, I just wanted to have a casual chat for anyone who might read this particular entry. So consider it a random collection of thoughts and information I might have sitting with someone just chatting on any given day.

For starters, let me speak about something that actually bugs me. And I try to live a life letting things go, and I do, but pride and honor for what I do as a profession keeps this one alive. Now, for the record, I don’t sit around and stew about this and I don’t technically let it bother me but very rarely. So the issue is this:  I’m always having to explain to people that this is not a magic wand process, and anyone who has worked with me in the office or spoke on the phone probably remembers me using that exact phrase “magic wand.” If all you know about hypnosis is from the movies or something you heard from a radio ad, you got taken. I’m not here to bash anyone’s system but there are some in this profession who claim to cure everything instantly, with one session. So many times people come in expecting to be all better after one session, whether it be smoking or any other issue. I’ve said this before, but I will again:  There is a small percent of people who respond almost unbelievably to the process and in one session they may have a huge turnaround. That’s not the usual case. Over the years I can still remember some of the major responders cause it’s very cool to see how well these people do practically instantly. Most people fall into the middle ground. So almost everyone needs a few sessions. Even the high responders will get a better result by doing some follow ups. I think people sometimes have a view that they will feel magically different and do better automatically without much effort on their part. And you have some unethical folks out there who are in this biz who actually say that stuff. Such as “quit smoking with zero cravings and zero effort.” It’s all BS. I see more nonsense about quitting smoking than any other issue, so I’ll talk about it and just know the same goes for anything else. The average person who quits smoking will have a few days worth of cravings and irritability. There I said it. If you don’t like hearing the truth I’m not a good hypnotist to work with lol. It’s not a bad thing though cause you see the average person has reduced cravings that most people say were not a big deal. They say things like “I made up my mind to quit, so a couple of days worth of withdrawal wasn’t a big deal.” I guess my beef is this:  Just be honest and upfront with the community you work with. What I do gets a bad name cause of unethical practitioners peddling miracle cures and making my legitimate practice look like snake oil. I ask you, anyone who reads this, to go do research! Don’t base your opinion on what one person says, including me. Do your own homework. Google Scholar for example is a giant database full of studies on hypnosis. I want people to know that you’re going to have to put in effort. You want to get healthy? Guess what, hypnosis can be a huge help, but you’ll need to work hard as well and let hypnosis be the edge that pushes you into the life you want. That’s for any issue. This process is amazing only because our minds are amazing. This helps unlock potential within us, it helps open up our minds to the things we need to understand, and it has many other effects, too numerous to list. Give it a shot if you’re ready to live a better life and be ready to work on that cause. The good news there is that most people get their life on track rather quickly by using this process. Was I clear enough? lol. People, especially nowadays, want things that are real. The truth. And so at least with myself that’s how I run my practice and how I live my life. It’s what I expect from others as well. I love realness!

Happy Belated New Year!

I usually write something for the start of the new year. Last blog I wrote was in April 2017, but life happens I guess and I haven’t added any since then. I’ll talk a little about it today! As I sit here typing this, looking out at the snow that came down yesterday, and realizing it’s about ten degrees out right now, it reminds me how just a few days ago I was starting to get spring fever. By about February I’ve had my fill and I’m ready for better temps and overall weather so I can be outdoors and hike, etc. So I feel a little lack of motivation to be perfectly honest. I wouldn’t call it a slump, but it does start to get a little old. For me personally, staying healthy and exercising often is a key element of what keeps me happy and feeling my best. I find it therapeutic to get out and enjoy the scenery with a brisk walk or a challenging hike, though I wish we had more places to actually hike around here. If we want to bridge this discussion with the topic of hypnosis, that’s easy! As humans we need to be active, we need to get out of the house, and we need interactions with the world around us. That may be the downside to being in a social media society now. We certainly sit at home on a device more than we ever used to and that’s a shame. I’m at the point in my life where breaks from technology feel great. To get out on a beautiful day and see the sites or visit with family/friends sure beats sitting around staring at a screen. I just heard about a study that came out and it showed that kids overwhelmingly prefer to do things like ride a bike, for example, versus be on a device. That doesn’t mean that they do that, but when asked and answered honestly, that’s the result seen. It’s built into us to be out and about being active. So that kinda falls under the heading of putting in the work when I mentioned that above. Let’s say you’re self esteem isn’t so great and you want to get in shape. Great! So let’s say you decide to do some hypnosis sessions to help. Generally it goes like this:  The hypnosis sessions help you deal with the root causes of your issues. You feel better about yourself and are more motivated to do better in all respects. So you find yourself being more active and enjoying your life more while working on your goals. You find that adding in some activity helps your mind and body feel better and thus it pushes you to do even better. Along with that you change your relationship to food and begin to enjoy that healthier lifestyle. Almost everything we do in life is a series of weblike actions that need to mix together to help us get to the goal.

Final chat!

I had someone call in and tell me they were asking about sessions for a family member, which is common. In that discussion it was mentioned that the person was more comfortable working with a woman. So let me say something I have many times: You should go to the person you feel most comfortable with. Overall, I feel most hypnotists in this area, and I know a few personally, are good people trying to help their clients make positive changes. Every one of us has a different style, a different personality, and differing opinions on how best to proceed as hypnotists, but most everyone is looking to help others. You will not hurt my feelings by choosing to go to someone you feel more comfortable with. What I will say is this:  I’m easy going, professional, intuitive, and get a real high out of figuring out the issues at hand and getting solid, measurable results. I’m also one of the few males around who do this. Point is, once a person meets me they usually find it’s a very easy process and enjoyable as well. I want results from what I do, BIG TIME, and so I want clients who are ready to change and ones that feel comfortable coming into my office to do the work. It’s that simple. I don’t push for a sale and I don’t beg anyone to work with me versus someone else. I want the people who truly are ready and willing to work on becoming better. You want to come in for an appointment? GREAT! Not so sure? Take your time and when it feels like the right thing to do or you’ve had enough of living a certain way, then set that appointment. It doesn’t actually do me any good to have clients who simply aren’t wanting to change. Sometimes people come in and are iffy about changing and they have an epiphany from a session and it starts to click and they end up on their way to the goals they have set. The last statement is this:  I LOVE what I do. I can’t think of a time I haven’t enjoyed being in the office working with clientele. I certainly went through a journey of my own finding my place in life and for those willing to face their fears and give hypnosis a try with me personally, it’s truly an honor. As cheesy as that may sound it’s true.

I hope these blogs are more windows into who I am than anything else. The information, research, and stories are great and helpful, but I want people to get to know me the best they can and I figure this adds a piece to that puzzle. Thanks for reading and make 2018 the best one yet!