2017: Will it be a Happy New Year???

January, 2017

Another new year is upon us! Hard to believe how time has flown by. I remember when I was still a kid and hearing the older adults always talking about how fast time seemed to flow. I finally understand that all too well! It seems the older I get the more I understand that Time itself may just be the most valuable thing on Earth. The value in becoming a person who understands and feels in such a way is that we are coerced into hopefully trying to make every day count. To live every day to the fullest and create memories and positive experiences. So what about 2017? Did you make a resolution? Ya know, resolutions are great, but studies show that most people simply never follow through with them. It’s just like gyms and exercise programs. These types of businesses actually prepare for the huge numbers of people who join the programs after the first of every year, yet if you ask any regular at a gym, they will tell you how right around March it clears out and goes back to normal. I really think what we should be doing is making resolutions all year long. We as humans are, or should be, constantly striving to be better versions of ourselves. And that growth and understanding is really never ending. So I have a few tips for this new year and your resolutions:

  • Write down a list of changes you seek, but next to each item, write why you want that and how life would change for the better if you accomplished the task.
  • Be reasonable and realistic. Just like in the case of gym memberships, do what you can not to get burned out and then derailed. Start small. If you say, “I can improve on _________ every day by 1-2%,” it’s very manageable and not overwhelming. Consistency is often key.
  • Get support. If you’re able, find a support system. I can at least speak in regards to hypnosis. In many cases success is derailed by our own mental state and breaking through the plateaus, along with addressing the deeper roots of one’s issue. This is one of the best first steps a person can make. Sometimes it’s about being brutally honest and exploring why things seem to fail. Often, the answers are not on the surface.
  • Get out. Regardless of your task, get out and see the world. Sometimes we need to get out of the darkness of “home” and spend time in the light. Sometimes we need to do things until it becomes a habit and natural for us. Fake it till you make it.
  • Seek to become passionate, caring, and understanding. Believe it or not, understanding our world and the people around us better, helps us succeed. When you have passion backing your cause, it pushes you further than you’d normally go without it. Find ways to care about yourself, others, and your community. These three things will help you build up your new foundation.

There are more ideas I’m sure; maybe you have some yourself. But if we could all set a cornerstone based on those principles, we’d surely see our success rate skyrocket. So do yourself and the world a favor:  explore who you are and find out what you truly want in life. Become so positive that it infects others around you. You might not realize it, but when we heal ourselves, we affect those around us as well. So here’s a late toast to a freer, happier, more joyous 2017!

If you know anyone who might benefit from this message, please pass it along to them! Thanks for reading!